Who are we and what are our goals?

We are residents of Santa Margarita who love our community and hope to establish a volunteer based community action organization dedicated to community improvement activities and beautification through community involvement.

We love the rustic charm of Santa Margarita and have no desire to “glamorize” our community. Instead, we are hoping to improve our community with the following goals:

  • Hands-on community improvement activities where volunteers learn how to take personal responsibility for improving their local community environment and quality of life.
  • Work with businesses, schools, neighborhoods and local Government to focus on litter prevention, waste reduction and beautification / community improvement.
  • Establish a diverse, highly effective program that instills Community pride and will produce tangible local benefits (Santa Margarita’s Creek Clean-up is a great example of this).

We welcome suggestions and feedback and we especially welcome anyone who is willing to volunteer their time or resources.

With strong community participation, our little gem of a town will truly sparkle! 

Santa Margarita Beautiful UPCOMING EVENTS

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