Creek Clean Up

Fourth Annual Santa Margarita Creek Clearing Project 

Flooding affects our entire community, but preparation and preventative action can reduce the occurrence of floods

This year’s creek clearing project was tremendously efficient and effective thanks to the hard work of more than twenty volunteers. It took about five hours of cutting, loading, hauling and chipping vegetation to open up Yerba Buena Creek in preparation for the winter rains. Luckily there was a bit less vegetation than in previous years and there was very little trash in the creek. However, two downed trees had to be removed and volunteers again had to haul out piles of yard waste dumped on the creek banks and in the creek bed. Next year’s creek clearing is scheduled for October, 2018. Your help and donations are always needed and appreciated.

These folks made it happen…

Supervisor Jim Patterson and Assistant Amy Gilman
Victoria Trautman of Baxter Biological Consulting
Brad Goodrow and Heather Barton of MidState Waste
Santa Margarita County Service Area 23 Advisory Group

And thank you for donations from these Santa Margaritans…

Nick Fortune of Oak Country Lumber
Carol Samano of The Porch
Bob Cochran of Pacific Beverage
Karen Becker

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